We like to thank Aaron Beard for allowing us to add this female to our Old School Bordeaux program.  We just love her pedigree due to the fact we’ve just added some more of Int. Champion Arthur of Clearcut, as well as Int. Champion Zeus of Italy. Her great grandfather Int. Champion Asso: son to Athur of Clearcut we always wanted to have in our program.  With our male Old School’s Braddock having Ch. Grot and Ch. Edi Omen, also sons to Arthur of Clearcut, we plan to due some nice line breeding in the future with Havana. As much as we love the top half of her pedigree, we are really excited about the bottom half in which we added some of the older Russian and Italian bloodlines.  This girl has a look to her that is different than any of our other girls.  She is 24 inches at the withers and currently weighing in at 120.4lbs. with room to add about another 7lbs. and yet still not be a overweight female according to our Veterinarian. Her body is what we love most about her, in that she has good bone size especially in the upper part of her front legs.  Her rear is very strong and powerful with great angulation. Her chest is the perfect combination of depth as well as width.  Her head has good type and is not overdone in the whole smashed back pinched nose look, which we like.  She has been a great addition to our program and can’t wait to see what she will produce with Old School’s Ariel (pick male of Anderson’s Hannibal de Kokomo X Anderson’s Flame de Kokomo) in May 2012, which will be a line breeding also.
 Birthdate – 11/10/2008

May 2012 
We here at Old School Bordeaux would like to thank Aaron Beard for allowing us to add this female Havana Nouvelle to our program. Aaron is in his third year in the Pre-Veterinary Program at Purdue University. For many years Aaron has had several different breeds of dog, but once he sat eyes on the Dogue de Bordeaux he fell in love with the breed instantly. Although Aaron has only owned two Dogue de Bordeaux, we here at Old School Bordeaux know Aaron will help us take our program to an even higher level. We consider it an honor to have him a part of our team!!!
Havana Nouvelle
Sire: Urban Sohos Nocturno
Dam: Savannah Del Telculca
Whelped: 11/10/2008

Pedigree for “Havana Nouvelle”
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents 2X Great                       Grandparents
3XGreat Grandparents
SIRE Int. Ch. Urban Sohos Nocturno
Int. Ch. Enzo Vickovskeno Mlyna
Int. CH. Asso Tatra Bordo

Int. CH. Arthur of Clearcut Carnivorous Vulgaris

CH. Flash V. Nordniesachsen
Int. CH. Alabama Coloss
Aria Ahapes CH. Batta Szepe Charly
Asta Bajarka
Szentleleki Voros Suzy

CH. Karlo V. Nordniesachsen
Bon Vitalis Dodge
Anjin San Chessie
Red Cerberos Athena
Int. Ch. Tanakajd Szepe Klod
CH. Szentleleki Voros Aida
CH. Lovely Dee Celcelia
Tanakajd Szepe Zeno
CH. Uliou De L’aube Rouge

Int. Ch. Rano De L’aube Rouge


CH. Rhomba De L’aube Rouge
Tanakajd Szepe Mandi
Iroc De La Gaie Maisonnee
Minnie Del Pardo
Renault Orzoe Colli Bata Szepe Franco
Golden Des Molosses D’Aquitane
Bella Moloss
CH. Jachinte Des Molosses D’Aquitane Eliot De La Font De Pepignon
Fouchka Des Molosses D’Aquitane
Del Telculca
Int. CH. Zeus
Fakir Du Clos
Franc Luc
Croux De La Seigneurie Des Chartons
Valmy Kwan De La Seigneurie Des Chartons
Vanoise Kwan De La Seigneurie Des Chartons
Cybelle Du Clos

Franc Luc

Enka Del Capriano
Apollo Del Capriano Agor Du Clos Des Amourettes
Alida Vom Neffeltal
Hyalta De L’Etang De Mirloup Eros II De L’Etang De Mirloup
CH. Sharlotta
Alex Crus Not Available Not Available
Not Available
Not Available Not Available
Not Available
Ophelia Not Available Not Available
Not Available
Not Available Not Available
Not Available