Phenotype = Genotype + development in the respective environment 
   Knoxville’s Giorgio Armani is a great example of how changing of environment
can have an effect on an animal; for him it was very positive. Wish we had him
here at “Old School” from the time he was imported from Norway. It was Old School Bordeaux who wired the money to Norway from their bank account to get Armani here.  He was never co-owned and the only reason he was in another breeder’s name was because that breeder lied to us and said it had to be in his name since he would be show Armani for us since I was a full time student at the time and would not be able to do so with my schedule but AKC informed us that it was a lie and Armani was never shown and the breeder produced a litter out of him with his own female and  just stole Armnai’s blood right from us!!  Armani’s first breeding was not authorized or approved by Old School Bordeaux.  Armani is now home with us and his paperwork is finally now in the true owner’s name:  “Paul Anderson.” The producer’s of  Armani in Norway know the real deal of what went down reguardless of what cons may say!!
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