Past Litters

Here at Old School Bordeaux we are happy to announce that on Feb. 7, 2008 our Sandy gave birth to 10 large beautiful pups; 6 males and 1 female are what remain of her first litter. She did a wonderful job during delivery and is taking care of her babies quite nicely. 2 weeks into this world and the puppies’ eyes are now opened and they are beginning to walk around. What I can tell of right now is 2 of 6 six males are no masks like their father and are huge compared to the other big brown masked males. Our female is dark red like four of her brothers and also has a brown mask like their mother. Even though she is a female she has nice size and is already larger than some of the boys. As of right now we could not be any happier in how the pups are developing.
Just 7 days old and still growing!!
Lisa and Baby Howey at 9 weeks old
Built low to the ground; the way the breed
Should Be!!!
 Howey at a little over a year
Mama look at the Head!!!!
Once again we’re glad to announce that on Sept. 26th 2009 Flame gave birth
to her first litter.  The pups had great bone and color to go along with
their excellent temperment.  They were everthing we were expecting and
a little more.  For the second time our males has produced bigger and
better than themselves which is a true sign of a good stud male!  We believe
her next litter with Vice will be even better then his son Hannibal since
he is the typier dog and is more balanced and has better angulation. 
Abira at 14 months & 104lbs.
Ariel and his brother Amos
Amos at 6 months old
Amos at 16 months old
Ariel at 17 months
Ariel has a huge frame to carry a lot of weight
             Adina                                           Adina at 7 months & 78lbs.
Adina at 9 months old
Adina at 13 months & 108lbs.