Old School’s Braddock
Sire: Knoxville’s Giorgio Armani
Dam: Anderson’s Flame de Kokomo
Whelped: 06/12/2011
Updated Photos coming in Spring 2013
Braddock at 3 weeks old today
Braddock at 6 weeks old
Braddock at 10 weeks
Braddock at 12 weeks old
Big chest just like his father
Braddock loves playing with his buddy Cujo
Its just not the same without Benecia
At 16 weeks Braddock’s head is starting to change
Getting taller and longer; he is experiencing his first growth spurt!
Braddock is looking more like his father each day
Great body and headtype!!
 This boy has so much leg strength and agility
Just turned 5 months today and weigh 66lbs.
20.5 inches at the withers & 29 inch chest
19 inch head measured tight!!
Braddock just turned 7 months in this picture; weighs 94lbs., 23 inches at the withers, and has a big 33 inch chest.
July 2012: Braddock at 13.5 months old
Powerful Rear & Strong Chest!!
Huge bone and low to the ground
Looking just like his dad
Outstanding Structure he is displaying
at such an early age
This boy is going has so much
more growing to do
Nice broad shoulders; Braddock
 is going to be super wide!!
Braddock at 15 months old
Braddock at start of 16 months in pictures
Int. Ch. Asso Tatra Bordo & Braddock at 18 months
Braddock’s outstanding structure and depth of chest
Braddock is always on the move
Braddock on Bath Day
 Pedigree for “Old School’s Braddock”
Great Grandparents
2xGreat Grandparents
3xGreat Grandparents
SIRE Knoxville’s
Giorgio Armani
Giovictor del Tridentum

Int. Ch. Vento Dei
Colli Berici
W. CH. Brandoux
Int. CH. Blockhead’s Hooch
CH. Laruscades Bibi
CH. Fiore Dei Colli
Cid De la Vallee De
CH. Celeste Dei Colli Berici
Destiny Z Orisku
CH. Grot Omen 
Int. CH. Arthur of Clearcut Carnivorus Vulgaris
Diana Agip
Perla Omen
CH. Edi Omen
CH. Busza Omen
Roumba De

El Siscar
CH. E. Odon De
El Siscar
Nasty Nash De L’
Etang De Mirloup


Ismir Gregorie De L’
Etang De Mirloup
Mona-Lisa De L’
Etang De Mirloup
CH. E. Istarskog
Porijekla Ole
Ch. E. Upsy De
L’ Aube Rouge
Int. CH. Francine
De El Siscar
Lola De El Siscar
CH. E. Upsy De
L’ Aube Rouge
Int. CH. Rano De L’ Aube Rouge
CH. Rhomba De L’
Aube Rouge
Gama De El Siscar
Capo De El Siscar

Clove De El Siscar

DAM Anderson’s
Flame de Kokomo
Heavenly Acre’s Zeus

CH. Sinbad De legeane

W. CH. Temple Felson
Majestic Red
Laruscades Mandy
Chene De Legeane

CH. Quercus Rubra De

CH. Maxima De Legeane
Braveheart Franchisca Monet
CH. Antey
W. CH. Dordof Davil
CH. Barselona Viggi
Mount Sinai’s Josephine


Tanakajd Szepe Otilia


Surge De La Source Des Titans
Pretty Boy Des Monts De l Hermitage
Otess De La Source

Des Titans
Chateaurouge’s My  
Girl Abbey
CH. Northland’s Wilhelm
CH. Maggie Mae de
Mount Sinai’s Forbidden Fruit
Rugger V. Douvergenhout
Renville Van Douvergenhout
Rimba V. Douvergenhout

Liberty’s  Bathsheba

CH.Uliou De L’
Aube Rouge

CH. Dez Du Domaine

De Frimarque