Puppies are Available!!
6 Boys & 5 Girls
Born Oct. 4th 2011
Full AKC & UKC Reg.
$1500 for pick Male and Female
$1300 for the rest of the litter
Accepting Deposits Now!
Contact Us
at 765-438-4884 or 765-438-4447
just ask for Nate or Brea 
Worley’s Vicious Vader
Don’t let the name fool you, Vader is truly a gentle
giant and a great representation of what a male Bordeuax is suppose to be!!!
We are not breeders nor do we have a kennel, our dogs live in our house and are a big part of our family.  They are well socialized and get along well with family and friends!!!
What we like about Vador is that even though
he is a big male, he still moves like a Boxer.  He and
Roxy spend most of their day chasing squirrel
in our big backyard.
Vador is 25.5 at the withers and has a 26 inch head.
His rear legs are very powerful and the rest of his
body is made up of pure lean muscle!!!
     Roxy is the perfect compliment to Vador, she is
low to the ground and is a nice red Bordeaux with 
a short muzzle.  Together they produce healthy pups
that are consistent in how they look by getting the best
characteristics their parents have to offer!!!
These are the kind of pups Roxy produces with Vador
Even at 3 weeks old they have “Huge Bone” and
plenty of “Type and Substance”!!!
A Roxy and Vador female pup at 7 weeks
Baby Asia has her mom’s color and her father’s wrinkles
A Vador son at 16 months old, this is the
kind of consistency Vador produces in his sons!
Contact Us
at 765-438-4884 or765-438-4447
just ask for Nate or Brea
 This is going to be the last litter out of Vador and Roxy, so hurry fast and reserve your pup with a $300 deposit. These AKC/UKC pups will be gone fast!!!