Fame Comes Only To Aaliyah

Sire: Number One Am I z’ Orisku
Dam: GR. CH. Agramer Bordog Simone 
Whelped: 4/18/2014
Aaliyah at 5 days old
8 months and 88lbs. now

Aaiyah’s dad: Number One Am I z’ Orisku


Grandpa in the back and
 grandma in the front
An Amore is a big reason why we chose to go with
a pup from this litter.


 Pedigree for “Fame Comes Only Aaliyah”
Great Grandparents
2X Great Grandparents
3XGreat Grandparents
SIRE CH. Number One AM I z’ Orisku
Heimer’s Honneur de Monde
Int. CH. Drexyl Spivey Carnivorus Carnivorus Vulgaris

CH. Quaker de Paskyleny


CH. Axel de Benjacar
CH. Alabama Coloss Carnivorus Vulgaris
Int. CH. Flash Von Nordniedersachen
CH. Alabama Coloss
Heimer’s Deca Dela
Jr. W.CH. Brandoux’s Toezz
Int. CH. Blockhead’s Hooch
CH. Laruscades Bibi
Heimer’s Brest

Brut Van de Paterhoek

CH. Bon Vitalis Fortuna Flip A Coin
An Amore Red Orisku
Bardos Vlempo
Szentleleki Voros Ricky


Int. CH. Asso Tatra Bordo
Szentleleki Voros Molly
White-Bullog Fiume
Szentleleki Voros Jaffar
White-Bulldog Bella
CH. Ella Vlckovske’ho Mlyna
Int. CH. Asso Tatra Bordo


Int. CH. Arthur of Clearcut Carnivorous Vulgaris



Aria Ahapes



CH. Szentleleki Voros Suzy


CH. Karlo Von Nordniedersachsen
Red Cerebos Athena
DAM GR. CH. Agramer Bordog Simone
Int. CH. Hyron Delle Querce Rosse

Dakota Delle Querce Rosse


Hashish de legeane
W.CH. Temple Felson
Rubra de Legeane
Ruby V. D. Weelsedijkhoeve


Int. CH. Brando Dospilos



Bonita V. D. Weelsedijkhoeve


Ecstasy de Legeane
W.CH. Temple Felson


Majestic Red


Laruscades Mandy
Rubra de Legeane
CH. Quercus Rubra de Legeane
CH. Maxima de Legeane
Int. CH. Agramer Bordog Honeymoon
U.S.T. Nostromo
Int. CH. Enzo Vlckovske’ho Mlyna
Int. CH. Asso Tatra Bordo
CH. Szentleleki Voros Suzy
CH. Lovely Dee Cecilia
Tanakajd Szepe Zeno
Renault Orzo Colli
Int. CH. Agramer Bordog Cory



Int. CH. Signore Kwan de La Seigneurie



Int. CH. Nirvanna Kwan de La Seigneurie



Navailles Kwan de La Seigneurie Des Chartrons


CH. Tanakajd Szepe Viki




W.CH. Univer Van de Paterhoek



CH. Tanakajd Szepe Fibra