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Benecia                      Kazuya
Pups at 11 days old
One of the Girls
Already walking good at 11 days
Largest mal is 14 inches from nose to his but
All of these guy have great had type
Benecia with 3 more weeks to go
Benecia at 2 years looking just like her Dad Armani
Kazuya will sire his 1st litter at 15 months
Benecia’s Parents: Armani and Flame
Benecia’s grandfather: Giovictor
What makes this breeding so special is that it is 2X’s Temple Felson by containing World Ch. Mobey and Ch. Sinbad de Legeane in the pedigree, we also are huge fans of Sinbad. Both Benecia and Kazuya have thick, strong bodies and great head type which is commom in their bloodlines. Benecia is our pick female out of the late Knoxville’s Giorgio Armani. She is a Toezz descendant and is doubled up on Arthur of Clearcut as well, which is where she gets her rare color from. Her combination of the El Siscar and L’aube Rouge lines are hard to come by as well as being that close in a pedgree and we can’t forget one of our favorite World Champion Dorsdof Davil out of Russia.  Kazuya is 3times Brandoux Toezz, while also have great European champions in his pedigree such as Cetj, Temple Felson, and Emberez’s Apollo. He is a taller type male with outstanding head type and a wide muzzle. Though he has great height, his is low to the ground due to his wide, deep chest as well as massive body for such a young male. We are expecting great from this litter and are confident that the pups will have that rarer color of red coat to go with their strong bodies and huge heads.  
Pedigree for “Butterball Bullie’s Peerless Kazuya X Old School’ Benecia litter”
Great Grandparents
2X Great Grandparents
3XGreat Grandparents
SIRE Butterball Bullie’s Peerless Kazuya
Paragon’s Psycho
Int. CH. Tyrannus Hijacked
W. CH. Moby de Legeane
W. CH. Temple Felson
Chene de Legeane
W. Int. CH. Rhodonite Renais at Tyrannus
Int. CH. Emberez Apollo
CH. Rhodonite Rhonda
Heavenly’s Zaire
Dog’s-Land Faraon
Jr. W. CH. Brandoux Toezz
CH. Tanakajd Szepe Grace
Tanakajd Szepe Indra
Int. CH. Bam Bam Wielki Dunkczyk
CH. Tanakajd Szepe Grace
Peacemaker z’ Orisku
Int. CH. Heimer’s Debonnaire
Jr. W.CH. Brandoux Toezz

Int. CH. Blockhead’s Hooch
CH. Laruscades Bibi
Heimer’s Brest
Brut Van de Paterhoek
CH. Bon Vitalis Fortuna Flip A Coin
Chiara du Ruisseau de la Noue
CH. Cetj Van’t
Int. CH. Brando Dospilos
Zoraya Garde Dhonneur do Monde
Volga du Ruisseau de la Noue
Int. CH. Brando Dospilos
Emma Dospilos
DAM Old School’s Benecia
Knoxville’s Giorgio Armani
Giovictor del Tridentum
Int. Ch. Vento Dei
Colli Berici
Jr. W.CH. Brandoux
CH. Fiore Dei Colli
Destiny z’ Orisku
CH. Grot Omen
Perla Omen
Roumba De
El Siscar
CH. E. Odon De
El Siscar
Nasty Nash De L’
Etang De Mirloup
CH. E. Istarskog
Porijekla Ole
Lola De El Siscar
CH. E. Upsy De
L’ Aube Rouge
Gama De El Siscar
Anderson’s Flame de Kokomo
Heavenly Acre’s Zeus
CH. Sinbad de Legeane
W. CH. Temple Felson
Chene de Legeane
Braveheart Franchisca Monet
CH. Antey
Mount Sinai’s
Surge de la Source
Des Titans
Chateaurouge’s My
Girl Abbey
Mount Sinai’s
Forbidden Fruit
Rugger V.
Liberty Bathsheba
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