Heavyweight’s Tyson
Sire: Emberez’s Ikon aka Ludo
Dam: Old School’s Abira
Whelped: 12/11/2011
We are excited about having this awesome male a part of our program during 2013. He is the son of our very own Old School’s Abira and Emberez’s Ikon aka Ludo. In some ways he reminds us of his grandfather Int. Champion Redroyal Tito Emberez but for the most part his look is all Old School. He is 26 inches at the withers and has a huge, massive frame. Currently at the start of his 16 month, Tyson weigh in at 143lbs and is not fat by any means. Even though he is a taller male he appears low to the ground due to his huge bone, depth of chest and his thick shoulders. This is a feature inherit from his mother’s bloodline from Old School. He has a very thick, powerful rear and his angulation is starting to look good. He is always running and jumping around with our girl Benecia. We are really amazed with his leaping ability due to his size and we know he is only going to get stronger and more defined in his muscle by Summer 2013. His head is already 27 inches and his muzzle is so very wide and short as well. This is something we always wanted to add with our females and now we have that. Tyson is going suprise a lot of people this year, especially in what he produces!!!
Birthdate – 12/11/2011
Tyson at 4 weeks old
This male has a big head and
short, wide muzzle
Tyson at 4 months old
Very active male and always on the move
Who could resist a face like this?
Tyson at 7 months old
Tyson relaxing after nature hike in the woods 
Tyson at 13 months old
Tyson at the start of 15 months
  Outstanding bone and structure
26 inches at the withers but will still be a very wide “Old School” looking male as an adult
Very short, wide muzzle and great chin
Looking like great grandfather Anderson’s Vice in this picture
This young male is going to be great!!! 
“Emberez’s Ikon at 2 years old” 
Outstanding structure and depth of chest at such a young age, Tyson is headed in the same direction as his sire.
Heavyweight’s Tyson’s grandparents: International Champion Royal Red Tito Emberez and Champion Tyrannus Storm
2 Great Champion Brothers that should make Tyson a special stud;
 Ch. Moby & Ch. Sinbad de Legeane 
 Pedigree for “Heavyweight’s Tyson


Great Grandparents  
2xGreat Grandparents
3xGreat Grandparents   
SIRE Emberez Ikon
Int. CH. Emberez Royal Red Tito
Int.CH. Emberez Appolo
CH. Laruscades MiracleBoy
for Anbarees
Young Arnold 
Jenny Fair de l’Tang
de Mirloup
Belle Star at Texred
King van de Bargefenne
Regal Rolex
Ramies Miss
Banningham Sundance Sid 
Red Musketeer at Redroar
Kenmillone Dreamer
from Dalousco 
Lancaster Lucy 
Barry Brave Face
Kenmillone Willow 
CH. Tyrannus Storm
W. CH. Moby de Legeane
W.CH. Temple Felson
Majestic Red 
Laruscades Mandy 
Chene de Legeane
CH. Quercus Rubra de Legeane
CH. Maxima de Legeane
Int. CH. Rhodonite Renais
Int.CH. Emberez Apollo
CH. Laruscades MiracleBoy for Anbarees
Belle Star at Texred
CH. Rhodonite Rhonda
Dancing Brave at
Marrus Red Magic
DAM Old School’s
Anderson’s Hannibal
de Kokomo
Anderson’s Vice
Steury’s Ted
Bay Harbor’s Viking
Savanah del Tulculca
Katie Rachel
Mystic Rouge Biggen
Destin Sweet Shelby 
Lewis’s Red Sandy
Lewis’s Red Albert Houch
Barnes Red Dragon Hooch
Barnes Tasha 
Barnes Nikita
Ja-Linn Aramis
La Bord
Park Ave. Angel
Anderson’s Flame 
de Kokomo
Heavenly Acre’s Zeus
CH. Sinbad de Legeane
W.CH. Temple Felson
Chene de Legeane
Braveheart Franchisca Monet
CH. Antey
Mount Sinai’s
Surge de la Source
Des Titans
Chateaurouge’s My 
Girl Abbey
Mount Sinai’s
Forbidden Fruit 
Rugger V.
Liberty Bathsheba