Pregnancy Confirmed on August 2014 Litter
This is a dual sire litter with Kazuya breeding with Bianca as well. All pups will be DNA profiled with AKC
We are so very excited about Old School’s Braddock 2nd litter of 2014 and can’t wait to see what Bianca and he will produce together. Our friends at Imperial Bordeaux chose Old School’s Braddock to use as a stud for their female Bianca because they are huge fans of Jr. World Champion Brandoux Toezz and did not want to pass up the opportunity to produce a litter that had him in the pedigree twice. Also since Braddock and Bianca are two different styles of we both felt they would compliment each other well in their breedings and produce offspring with great bone ansound structure. When they first visited Braddock at Old School Bordeaux they told me that they could not believe the size of bone on this young male. They also loved Kazuya’s massive frame and headtype. They felt that Kazuya and Bianca would produce a bigger overall pup even they would probably be lighter than the Braddock pups. All of these pups will be DNA profiled with AKC to determine which male sired which pup. To see Kazuya’s pedigree, go to our Stud page and click on his name.
Old School’s Braddock: Father #1 of this litter

Kazuya at 16.5 months: Father #2 of this litter
Bianca has a great structure
Kazuya and Bianca during breeding
Pups at 2 weeks old 
Puppy at 5 weeks, all have good bodies
Good bone on all pups


Pedigree for “Old School’s Braddock X Imperial’s Bianca litter”
Great Grandparents
2X Great Grandparents
3XGreat Grandparents
SIRE Old School’s Braddock


Giorgio Armani
Giovictor del Tridentum

Int. Ch. Vento Dei
Colli Berici

Jr. W.CH. Brandoux

CH. Fiore Dei Colli

Destiny z’ Orisku

CH. Grot Omen
Perla Omen

Roumba De

El Siscar

CH. E. Odon De
El Siscar

Nasty Nash De L’
Etang De Mirloup

CH. E. Istarskog
Porijekla Ole
Lola De El Siscar
CH. E. Upsy De
L’ Aube Rouge

Gama De El Siscar

Anderson’s Flame de Kokomo

Heavenly Acre’s Zeus
CH. Sinbad De legeane

W. CH. Temple Felson
Chene De Legeane
Braveheart’s Franchisca Monet

CH. Antey
Mount Sinai’s Josephine

Surge De La Source Des Titans

Chateaurouge’s My
Girl Abbey

Rugger V. Douvergenhout

Liberty’s Bathsheba

Dam Imperial’s Bianca
Godsend Van de Paterhoek

Int. CH. Emberez Royal Red Tito

Int.CH. Emberez Apollo

CH. Laruscades MiracleBoy for Anbarees

Belle Star at Texred

Ramies Miss

Banningham Sundance Sid

Lancaster Lucy

Bintje Van de Paterhoek

Int. CH. Aluca d’Origine Beaunabuc

Int. CH. Lucianno du Domaine de Rauchbruy

Beau of Yeaden

Xana Van de Paterhoek

Int. CH. Leeuw de la Maison de Hollande

Ella Van de Bargefenne


White-Bulldog Titus

White-Bulldog Ikarosz

Int. CH. Charly Appellation Controlee

Priscilla V. D. Bargefenne

CH. White-Bulldog Paris

Int. CH. White-Bulldog Tiberius

White-Bulldog Party

Brandy Brootuss

G&M’s Sir Brootuss

Tanakajd Szepe Vazul

Rocky Mountain Apache

G&M’s Bonnie

Ja-Linn Dyllan

McKenzie’s Bailey Serenity